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french riviera event : potiche in vence


The 9th February 2018 in Vence
What is a woman's potiche? Is there? Is not this a common place for macho man? The cult comedy, Potiche, will give you the answer The 09/02 at 8:30 pm "Suzanne Pujol is the submissive woman of a rich industrialist as unpleasant with her family as with her workers.After a strike, it[...]

french riviera event : 2 eme salon de la saint valentin in néoules


2 eme salon de la Saint Valentin
The 11th February 2018 in Néoules
NEOULES 83136 Sondag 11 Februarie 2018 "NEOULES ~ 2 de Valentine partytjie ~" 2 de uitgawe van die "SALON van Valentyn se" saal van FEESTE en buitekant van 10 h 00 tot 18h00 'n vergadering in hierdie dorpie omring deur wingerde geleë Suid van La Provence Verte , 25 minute[...]

french riviera event : salon antiquites art deco ancien et cont in cogolin


salon antiquites art deco ancien et cont
The 18th February 2018 in Cogolin
COGOLIN (83310) Place Victor Hugo antiques ART & DECO old & contemporary Sunday 18 February 2018 9: 00 a.m. 5:30 2 nd edition Cogolin, which combines the charm of an old village, dominated by the Tower of the clock, full of charm and a modern port, its 4 pools ent oures residences with[...]

french riviera event : collections - art contemporary in aups


COLLECTIONS - ART contemporary
The 2nd April 2018 in Aups
AUPS 83630 Monday 2 April 2018 - from 8:00 to 18:00 Place Frédéric Mistral flea markets - COLLECTIONS - ART contemporary (professionals) "capital of Haut-Var" and "Capital of the truffle", located on the alpine foothills, AUPS, by its climate healthy, dry and tempe Re, in fact[...]

french riviera event : esoterism festival in nice


esoterism festival
From 2nd October 2020 to 3rd October 2020 in Nice
need some spirituality; need to answer questions concerning your future , your destiny in order to make a decision for your future life feeling tired; exhausted , needing to charge your batteries with good well being , change your bad mood in good mood, needing help and support cause you hesitate[...]

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