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Meat braised in wine and stock with vegetables


  • Ingredients : For 6 persons
    1.200kgs of beef to braise
    2 onions
    4 carrots
    4 cloves of garlic
    6 tomatoes
    a bunch of parsley
    a stick of celery
    thyme ' laurel
    60grs of dry boletuses (dry weight)
    a glass of red wine
    a glass of Marc liquor
    salt ' pepper
    optional accompaniment: lemon, grated parmesan

Pour the boletuses into water.
Cut the meat in 3 cm cubes. Season with salt and pepper .
Cut the onions into small pieces and put them in a frying pan with a large portion of lard.
Add the celery, the whole garlic (not chopped or pressed) and the bunch of parsley.
Start cooking the beef in a frying pan with a portion of lard in order to prevent the meat from falling apart after cooking. Put the prepared meat into a stewpan on medium fire. Leave it for ten minutes.
Clear the tomatoes from their seeds, peel them and mash them up. Mix them with the meat.
Add the onions and all the ingredients from the other frying pan as well as a big glass of deep red coloured wine from Bordeaux, a glass of local Marc liquor (Branda), and recover the meat with boiling water. Make it boil, then put on a very small cooking temperature for 3 hours.
Add, after 3 hours, the mushrooms and rectify the seasoning with Cayenne's chilli if necessary. Cook it on a small temperature for one more hour.
Remove the fat before serving. Serve it with lemon and grated cheese, as some eat this dish with these accompaniments. Refrain from putting cheese or lemon in the sauce, this prevents you from using it to prepare raviolis.


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