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The commune was founded in 970 by Conrad I, count of Vintimille, in order to protect his western border. It was originally known as Roccabruna. The population were originally Ligurians, but came to speak an Occitan dialect, similar to that in nearby MONACO-monte-carlo, somewhat influenced by their original language. In 1355, Roquebrune fell under the control of the Grimaldi family for five centuries, during which time the castle was strengthened. In 1793, Roquebrune became French, but it was returned to MONACO-monte-carlo in 1814. In 1848, there was a revolution, with the result that it and Menton became free cities. They had hoped to be annexed by Sardinia, but this did not occur, and the towns remained in a state of political limbo until they were finally ceded to France by a plebiscite in 1860. In 1804 Napoleon built a road along the coastline. This road connected the village to the rest of the Cote d'Azur, and eventually led to its merger with the smaller town of Cap-Martin.

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Today:

Today Roquebrune-Cap-Martin comprises several villages and towns: St.Roman, practically a suburb of MONACO-monte-carlo, the residential areas of Cabbé, Bon Voyage and Serret, Roquebrune with its perched village and château, the posh Cap Martin peninsula and the modern seaside resort of Carnolès with its long pebble beach bordering Menton.

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Between Menton and MONACO-monte-carlo, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin was long one of the most sought-after locations by both artists and the aristocracy of the Belle Epoque. The medieval village huddled around the castle rears up above Cap Martin, a well-preserved haven with typically Mediterranean vegetation. This cape is a delightful place for walks, much appreciated by Le Corbusier. A path bearing his name leads to sumptuous viewpoints.


    Built in the 10th century, it was originally the dungeon of a fortress encompassing the entire village. A medieval atmosphere on all floors : ceremonial hall, guard room, seigneurial residence. Panoramic view[...]
    Devoted to Cap-Martin, this great architect designed his pocket-sized castle (3.66 x 3.66 m) as a model of minimal accommodation based on the modulor, a system of architectural proportions for which he[...]
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